Pictured at the New Beginnings’ Board of Directors Meeting, left to right: Dr. George S. Morrison, President and CEO; Kassandra Herbsleb, Administrative Assistant, Trinity United Methodist Church; Jacqueline Jackson, Executive Director, Denton Public School Foundation; Jenifer Fuller, Denton Public School Foundation; Rudy Garza, Executive Director, Denton Affordable Housing Corp.; Barb Haflich, Coordinator, Social Work Services, and Homebound Programs/Foster Care Liaison, Denton Independent School District; Jen Ann Love-Fritts, Accounting Coordinator, Denton Affordable Housing Corp.; Brittany Allen Klabunde, LCSW, Family Outreach Director, Denton Family Outreach Programs, Arms of Hope; Melody Kohout, Vice-President, New Beginnings; Betty Jane Morrison, Secretary/Treasurer, New Beginnings.

On November 15, 2018, New Beginnings held a Board of Director’s meeting and reported on activities and accomplishments for 2018.

Dr. George S. Morrison, President and CEO presented the following 2018: Program Highlights:

  • Meeting the New Beginnings goal of annually providing homes and case management for 5 homeless families.
  • Having 3 New Beginnings mothers/families graduate to self-sufficiency. These families are now independent and on their own.
  • Increasing the amount of funding and the number of individual donors.
  • Making a New Beginnings presentation to the Denton Lions Club and receiving a $500 donation.
  • Creating an improved and up-dated web-site: https://newbeginnings4homelesschildren.org
  • Submitting a TIAA “Make a Difference” grant. (Not-funded).
  • Development of a 2-minute White Board video of New Beginnings (on the web-page, click on “About” and watch the video)
  • Seeing an increase in donations of furniture and household goods. The New Beginnings storage shed has “turned-over” about five times!

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