Families New Beginnings Helped From Becoming Homeless


“My children and I lived with family most of the summer because my utilities were shut off. When I received the check covering my utility bill, my children and I could move back home and get the school year off to such a good start.”

“When my husband left me. I didn’t know how I would pay our rent. To have my rent covered that first month, helped me get my feet back on the ground and let me know that there were people who cared about me and my little boys.”

“When my three grandchildren came to live with me, I got behind in my rent and was about to lose my apartment. Having my rent paid meant we would not be homeless. I prayed, and my prayers were answered.”

“When my daughter’s husband died in November, the mission of New Beginnings was now crystal clear to me. None of us can know when the bottom will drop out of our safe and stable world or when it will be the final straw on an already precarious foundation. New Beginnings provides hope and renewal of faith for families and it is done without judgement.”


Families New Beginnings Provides Housing

“I was at the point of being homeless with 2 children and not knowing where or how our needs would be met to being provided with a place to live”

“We now have a peaceful and safe place to reside.  I look forward to continuing my journey with my children in this new stage of life”

“In October I was introduced to the program which provided me with counseling, spiritual comfort, and most importantly a place of our own, where my children and I felt safe.”

“I left my abusive husband and fled to shelter for women where I was given information about Arms of Hope. I was accepted into the program which provides guidance, classes, and what I needed most-housing! What a blessing! My prayers were answered!”