The following are some of the “success stories” of children and families that the Denton ISD Office of Social Work and Homeless Liaison referred to New Beginnings for help and assistance.  In every case, New Beginnings provided the requested funds for rent, utilities, and motel stays to keep the children and families off the street and in their own homes or other appropriate shelter.

​When New Beginnings provides for family stability, this enables Denton ISD Social Services staff to work with the families and other non-profit agencies to find long-term solutions to their employment, housing, living conditions, and general well-being.

These “Success Stories” are made possible through the generous donations of individuals who partner with new Beginnings to provide shelter, love, and care for homeless, and about to be homeless children and families.  To donate to New Beginnings, see the “How to Donate” link.



Some of the children and families New Beginnings has helped:

  • A single parent mom with an elementary school child works, but was recently diagnosed with cancer.  She was unable to work her regular schedule and her employer cut her hours.  She was behind on her rent and utilities and was afraid she would be evicted.  New Beginnings paid rent and utilities. 
  • A single mom with two young children was recently divorced and had no place to go.  Her cousin let her stay in her apartment, but because she is not on the lease, both families faced eviction.  New Beginnings paid for a motel stay to help the family bridge to more stable housing.
  • A single mother and son intend to live with relatives, but found that they were not welcome.  They needed immediate shelter. New Beginnings provided a motel stay until affordable housing was found.
  • A single parent/grandmother who is caring for three grandchildren cannot work many hours at a fast food restaurant.  She is behind on utilities and fears they will be shut-off.  New Beginnings paid the utility bill.
  • A family who is caring for an ill student who also needs homebound education was behind on the rent because of hospital stays and medical bills.  New Beginnings paid the rent.
  • ​A single mother with a young daughter also takes care of her mother.  She is divorced and has no child support.  She works but is struggling to make ends meet. Her utilities were shut off.  New Beginnings paid the utility bills.
  • A Father died of cancer leaving his wife and 2 children.  The wife/mom works at a fast food restaurant, but is struggling to pay rent, utilities, and bills from her husband’s medical and funeral.  New Beginnings paid past due rent and two additional months’ rent.
  • New Beginnings provides homeless families and children with their own homes while they work with caseworkers to stabilize their lives and become independent.
  • A single mom earned another job-related certification and received a promotion. She is active in group counseling activities and helps new homeless mothers coming into the program. Her son is doing well in school and she will likely graduate the New Beginnings program in 3-4 months and provide for herself and her child.
  • A single mother is doing well in her college work and her job. She is managing her finances well. She regularly participates in case management and church events. She is making good progress toward becoming independent.


Quotes By Families New Beginnings Helped From Becoming Homeless


“My children and I lived with family most of the summer because my utilities were shut off. When I received the check covering my utility bill, my children and I could move back home and get the school year off to such a good start.”


“When my husband left me. I didn’t know how I would pay our rent. To have my rent covered that first month, helped me get my feet back on the ground and let me know that there were people who cared about me and my little boys.”


“When my three grandchildren came to live with me, I got behind in my rent and was about to lose my apartment. Having my rent paid meant we would not be homeless. I prayed, and my prayers were answered.”


“When my daughter’s husband died in November, the mission of New Beginnings was now crystal clear to me. None of us can know when the bottom will drop out of our safe and stable world or when it will be the final straw on an already precarious foundation. New Beginnings provides hope and renewal of faith for families and it is done without judgement.”


Quotes By Families New Beginnings Is Providing A Home Of Their Own

“I was at the point of being homeless with 2 children and not knowing where or how our needs would be met to being provided with a place to live”


“We now have a peaceful and safe place to reside.  I look forward to continuing my journey with my children in this new stage of life”


“In October I was introduced to the program which provided me with counseling, spiritual comfort, and most importantly a place of our own, where my children and I felt safe.”